YoPeNET - 

Laboratory of Identity and Education Platform


Youth and future generation involvement becomes a more and more prominent issue for Baltic Sea Region politics, development and identity. In response to this challenge the Young People Network for Balticness (YoPeNET) aims at establishing long-term cooperation among partners in the Baltic Sea region, with the purpose of educating and supporting the voice of young people in the critical dialogue concerning history, cultural heritage, regional identity and the future of the Baltic Sea Region.

The project is funded by Council of the Baltic Sea States and will prepare a structured platform for communication and exchange for young people in the partner countries, in particular for the university students and the high school students.

NordBel - 

NordBel Temporary Youth News desk digest

November 2020-January 2021

In a time of a crisis, what do you do as a young journalist? Even though it seems like there is free access to all information, it can be difficult to navigate in the cacophony of modern world’s many channels. Can young journalists and reporters make a difference, can they make sense out of the chaos when it comes to delivering and securing trustworthy news and information?

With this experiment young journalists and reporters aim to tackle that challenge by setting up a temporary news digest with a starting point in a temporary news desk. We will formulate the topics around the major themes which are relevant for all young people: 1) Climate change 2) Corona crisis 3) Leadership of the future and what it is like for young people to have their voices heard in the times of transformation and change

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers

Multicultural prison


The purpose of the project "Multi-cultural prison in Nordic countries and Russia", headed by Dr. Larisa Kangaspuro as the lead partner, is to foster  cooperation between authorities, universities and NGOs for improvement of social inclusion of foreign inmates. Social inclusion is aimed at ensuring that all groups of people within a society feel valuable and important. It is a process of improving the conditions for participation in society and especially for people in disadvantaged situations. The main idea of the project is to study current situation with human rights violations and to develop tools for their protection, social inclusion and prevention of discrimination by strengthening civil society and cooperation between NGOs and local authorities.

The project is also aimed at spreading Nordic research findings and knowledge of best practices among specialists, experts and researches.