In essence Danish-Belarusian Culture Society BELADANIA is a non-profit organisation for Danes interested in Belarus and Belarusians keen on Denmark.

Established in 2017, BELADANIA is a Danish-based NGO whose purpose is to create a permanent long-term hub for knowledge exchange and networking as a practical tool for civil society, business and academia promoting dialogue and regional cooperation of Nordic and Baltic countries with Belarus. Our moto is “Knowledge for Regional Cooperation”.

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Goodbye "Hviderusland"! Hello Belarus!

We are encoraging to use the modern country name Belarus, instead of the outdated terms from the dark Soviet past like 'Byelorussia' and 'Hviderusland'. Since 2021 the name Belarus was officialy 

Slova Belarusi / Слова Беларусі /
Ord fra Belarus

Martha Elias (editor), Maryja Martysevič, Kryscina Banduryna, Alhierd Bacharevič, Julia Cimafiejeva, Hanna Yankuta, Lavon Volski, Lizaveta Dubinka-Hushcha, Pavel Tereshkovich, Nasta Kudasava, Hanna Komar, Vanda Martins dos Reis.


"WORDS FROM BELARUS is an anthology of essays and poetry that presents the struggle for a true Belarusian national identity, for freedom, peace, and coexistence. In this book, and for the first time in Danish, the reader encounters eleven authors who write Belarusian contemporary literature."

Mille Rode (General secretary, Danish PEN).

Format: 300 pages A4.

Published in 2023 by OrdSelskabet for BELADANIA.

ISBN: 978-87-94329-01-9

Language: Belarusian (lacinka.eu), Belarusian (cyrillic), complete translation to Danish.

Price: DKK 399,-. There are a few exemplars in stock. To order the book please write to ldh@beladania.org 

“I have visited Minsk three times. I met extreme kindness in the beautiful and interesting city – and I do want to return some day.

Sophia, the daughter of a Polotsk prince, was born in 1140 – and later became Queen of Denmark.

I have written a book about this fascinating woman”.

Birgitte Hammer

- author, historian

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