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As a member of Beladania,

    - You support intercultural exchange of all-the-things-Danish in Belarus and all-the-things-Belarusian in Denmark
    - You become part of a vibrant network of partnerships working closely on sustainable growth and prosperity in the Baltic Sea region and the Nordic countries
    - You are a proactive ambassador and co-creator of our common culture and values 

    Membership in Beladania is temporary free of charge.

    If you like to support us, feel free to transfer the annual fee:
    150 DKK regular fee per person. 
    50 DKK reduced fee for students and unempoyed.

    To request a membership, please fill out this simple form or send an email to if you have any questions.

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    Reg. nr. 5042
    Konto nr. 1412987

    IBAN-nummer: DK7850420001412987
    BIC-kode/SWIFT-adresse: JYBADKKK

    Paypal: / Danish-Belarusian Culture Society "BELADANIA"

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