About Beladania

Beladania is an NGO independent of political parties, industrial and organisational interests. It functions exclusively as a facilitator of cultural, educational and information exchange as well as cross-regional networking.

Founded in the beginning of 2020, Danish-Belarusian Culture Society BELADANIA is a non-profit organisation for Danes interested in Belarus and Belarusians keen on Denmark.

It builds on a unique set of competences and knowledge about the common Danish-Belarusian historical legacy and cultural heritage. We believe in culture as a soft power instrument and an essential nation-building component not only for big countries, but also for small states. We aim at supporting the sustainable development of the Belarusian as well as Danish culture in an increasingly globalised world.

In our team, we have a clear idea and all the necessary expertise and knowledge of how to boost the nation brands and how to enhance more dynamics in international relations. We have highly qualified professionals, academics and connoisseurs of culture to make this possible. Follow us on www.facebook.com/beladania.org and stay updated about our current and upcoming events.



Beladania’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable regional and European cooperation by means of an open cultural and educational dialogue between Belarus, Denmark, and the NB8 countries.


Beladania’s mission is to be a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience between local communities, NGOs, educational and business organisations


Young people, think-tanks, local communities and everyone interested in interregional cooperation


We put...

H - Hygge

E - Expertise  

A - Assistance

R - Respect

T - Trust

...in everything we do


Beladania’s logo pays tribute to the historical and cultural legacy of both Belarus and Denmark. Its prototype is  «Råd» («Рада»), a tradition of democratic assemblies which where widespread in the Belarusian towns as a result of their contacts with the vikings.

The logo also commemorates the crown of Sophia of Minsk (1140-1198) who later became the Queen of Denmark.

Every pillar of the crown is a person. The space in front of the crown stands for openness and trust.

The logo is designed to denote wisdom, equality and humanism as the major prerequisites for our collective intelligence based on expertise and civil society at large.

Beladania logo is designed by Brand Lane ApS